There is, in fact, accuracy regarding the above heading, perhaps more so than the average person realizes.

The human body is far more sensitive when weather changes, but nothing can compete with the animal kingdom having such unique sensitivity and a sense of when altering their movements to safer surroundings.

The following could explain how and why our normality alters. Below are some important factors from the upper to lower body:

Blood pressure differences could cause headaches, migraines, and pressure on the sinuses with mucus accumulating. With less sunlight during wet weather, the body has less chance of absorbing vitamin D, albeit around midday is the ideal time.  

Many report symptoms of aching joints and headaches during cold spells. Humidity is essential to skin, nails, and hair, the latter often cursed in wet weather as the “crowning glory“ becomes nothing but aggravating frizz…

The reason is that the cuticle becomes rough and open to moisture. Many beauty products can alleviate the problem. Ethnic groups too have problems such as vitiligo; patches lacking pigment, eczema, scabies, and excessively dry palms and heels, sometimes referred to as the Oudtshoorn effect due to the dry, moisture-free climate.

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