Herewith is a guide for foreign tourists who wish to feel at home!

Our country is 5th amongst the 20 most beautiful countries for unusual features and events `

Mopani worms are found in Limpopo Province.  Here a caterpillar emerging as a moth can be squeezed or smoked resulting in a crispy snack.

The Barbiton green belt is over 3.5 billion years old with some of the best archaic rock formations and earliest fossil finds.

Rooibos tea is famous and has its origins in our country.

The Tokoloshe is a scary traditional creature bringing ill health or death, not to be mocked!

The Cullinan Diamond weighing 107,75 carats was discovered here.

There are plus/minus 3000 shipwrecks off the South African coast, all legally protected by Government.

Unusually traffic lights are called “Robots”.

Anything from a meal to bootleg CDs can be bought from hawkers!

It is best to not pay vagrants to wash your windscreen with murky soap water.

You could bump into an Afrikaans fellow who says ‘Ja’, ‘Nee’  (Yes, No)  reply at your peril!

Be aware as the word “shame” can mean anything from sorrow, and sympathy to joy!

Prately adhesive is a local invention, the only local product to have made it to the moon.

“Bakkies “ are vehicles to carry large loads having excellent knowledge of potholes ahead.

“Skinner” means to scandal; insult behind one’s back.

“ Eish” is a very popular expression, used during joyful, dramatic, or shocking events.

“Indaba” is a gathering but commonly used as in “that is your issue/ decision”

“Kief “ from the Arabic ‘Kayf’ means cool or great.

“Just now” not now, perhaps later!

“Shebeen” an illegal liquor Tavern

With the above idiosyncrasies in mind, a tourist could have “a heck of a time”!