Nothing beats a rainbow, in fact, an orb in the sky manifests as a semi-circle on the ground as light passes through raindrops.

However, at times a double rainbow can be visible if the light is reflected twice within raindrops and the colours can be reversed. The norm red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet are seen in an opposite way.

Rainbows tend to disappear quite rapidly, but interestingly, one of the longest seen occurred for eight hours and fifty-eight minutes in the mountains of Taiwan.

On another topic, there are some colours the average person has never heard of that occur as hues between a rainbow having bizarre names like Amaranth – a  reddish pink in colour, Atrovirens – a deep teal, Celadon – a minty green and Glaucous – a powdery, foggy blue similar to the coating one sees on prunes.

Continual merchandising is essential to lure the ever-curious public.  One unusual example; is a chocolate outer covering that might have silver tarnishing, black Jasmin a pearly pink, amber and gold. Hectic blues were reminiscent of an approaching storm, kindergarten squiggles and Arabian nights. Vintage lavender, autumn leaves and Rhinestone crystal.

Other bizarre unheard-of colours are used such as Wenge, an endangered wood unique to a tree in Africa. Vantablack is the darkest man-made substance and Skobeloff is only seen in the darkest oceans on the planet.

Besides the above packaging, speaking of facial makeup, some unique changes have occurred regarding lipstick. “Double-headed” tubes are being manufactured having red for the lower lip, and orange for the upper and electric glowing colours are now becoming fashionable as are aloe green, roasted coffee bean, black opal, frosted mint and emerald pearl. The above are certainly eye-catching at fashion shows and can certainly appeal to those with a sense of adventure.