Some Truths About Christmas

In terms of public spending, black Friday and the month of December rival each other, both being huge money spinners.

Christmas surely does play a role in the economies of many nations and is an ingrained part of modern culture.

Around 2 billion people celebrate this holiday, many with no Christian background at all.

Whatever belief is followed, some will be critical and claim to be realists stating that mistletoe, holly, Santa Claus and flying reindeer have no connection to the birth of Christ and that the rampant commercialism of Christmas is shocking and the “Christmassy” spirit is not what it used to be. However, those who are enraptured with tradition will totally disagree and even miss those carollers, warbling away from door to door to unknown neighbours !

Christmas is just around the corner and time always brings change and so we come to the inevitable topic of technology and consider whether it has ruined Christmas.

Are we in danger of being controlled by gadgets and the good times of togetherness fast fading?

In defiance, one old-timer has made the decision to write and post 62 Christmas cards blaming the internet for ruining this tradition.

But a real time saver is the opportunity to shop online, not being caught up with the burly and frustrating crowds and avoiding irregular pricing by unscrupulous traders.

Some feel strongly that the season is an ideal time for families to be together, relatives making the effort to travel some distance to celebrate.

Change could alter all that as communication via Skype seems to be the way to go.

But even if the host and hostess insist that tradition should prevail you can “bet your bottom dollar” that fingers will be flying to check the latest tweets, whatsapp messages and text !

During this merry time of the year, children can be demanding and little Jo throwing a fit at the height of the festive dinner is hardly welcome, but just thrust an I-Pad his way and voila, the problem is solved ! Should this little fellow concoct a message to Santa something like : “http//www.santa/ delivery@ speed”  one can be assured that technology is here to stay !

It has not been the intention that this article focus on the negatives, for many will relish time away from work and recharge batteries as a result of the year’s demands.

This is a season for sharing many wonderful experiences, the human spirit evolving from the joy of giving and gratitude shown for every gift received large or small

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