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Naturopathy employs an array of practises branded as natural, non-invasive and self healing with an aim to release and stimulate the vital life force and involves physical, emotional, mental, spiritual, genetic and environmental interaction.

Naturopathy practitioners are of the opinion that disease does not occur in a “whole body” and that an individual’s body has the inherent ability to establish and maintain health and that symptoms are bodily expressions to heal, not a cause of a disease.

One expert in this field states that  “it is better to know the sort of patient than the sort of disease the person has” !

A typical diagnosis, being non-invasive can include testing of one’s pulse, hearing and sight, hair, one’s reflexes and a discussion regarding sleep patterns, diet and so on.

Patients can be treated with botanical medicines, known as Phyto-therapy ` the belief being that plants and herbs have low toxicity and lack accumulation in the body as against certain drugs. “Ethno medicine” can be incorporated being the methods of various cultures.

Whether one is for or against the practise of naturopathy, it is encouraging that ethics play a role; mankind’s responses for fellow human beings and other life forms and concerns with the ecological welfare of the planet.

Ethics is a branch of philosophy that deals with morality, distinguishing between the right and wrong of human behaviour.

Acknowledging any experiences beyond the norm broadens one’s perceptions, allows for better reasoning and tolerance in a fast changing world.

However, having thus said, debates will always rage on regarding alternate methods and the legitimacy having inherent limited scientific proof, pseudo-science being the term used.

With regards to the cosmetic and toiletry industry, to be dubious is to be safe as unscrupulous manufacturers come and go with  profits over riding ethics, the end-user the loser with little comeback.

MatsiMela’s history is proof of its success. MatsiMela has you, the customer in mind and will always guarantee a product of high standards, accompanied by ethical, moral manufacturing principles.

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