There is a saying that the loudest noise in the world is silence!

As a human race, and at a primal level, people often panic as silence transfers to rejection, conversation, therefore, comes forth as a kind of a lifesaver.

Silence can bring peace, as it adheres us to the present. Besides being able to hear our own heartbeat, we are endeared with the magical sounds of nature.

Religious service and meditation are realms of greater silence and can connect us to “the supreme power”, but as we are on the whole a noisy bunch, even these sessions can “spook“ some people.

Silence is not intended to hurt others, whereas differing opinions can cause harsh confrontations and spark a fire, resulting in grief and rejection.

Communicating our feelings can lead to raucous conversation. Little wonder that the term “tact and diplomacy“ are essential.

As for hospital notices, these are reminders of peace, and some silence is adhered to as noise and raucous behaviour lead to unwanted vibes and stress hormones being released.

It is difficult to differentiate, but certain nations have a quieter demeanor; Asian and Nordic are often mentioned.

There is too a Chinese politeness and respect not to  “chip in“ to others’ conversation, but rather to listen, then come forward with an opinion.

I am sure that readers will agree that the greatest sounds on the planet are those occurring via nature.

Interestingly, some sounds are rarely heard such as a red tide with toxic algae, certain winds, seismic sounds often pre-empting an earthquake and the “moans“ of moving sand.

To our advantage, scientific research has what one might call “an incredible ear”.