Human life expectancy has been increasing, due to access to better food, hygiene, medical health care, and awareness of physical deterioration.

The supposed life span can extend to a maximum of 120 years, in comparison to earlier humans, only 38 years. The deterioration of the body is sad, but living too long can be a curse in terms of shrinking finances, life no longer being added to our years, and a blow to the ego when youth parades with all the glory!

Furthermore, aging is not classified as a disease while one’s medical aid clambers for more finance.

As humans, we are well aware of populations increasing in an already overcrowded world, but on the other side of the coin, the current wars are causing a decline, as are the masses of migrants who are falling ill due to lack of care or sadly drowning at sea.

Much infrastructure is crumbling around us, and disease and poverty adding to population degradation.

Some time back, there was much chatter about and experimentation with Cryonics, whereby a person would be placed in a chamber with exceedingly low temperatures preserving the body with the hope of potentially restoring life in another era. The biggest challenge was the revival process.

In conclusion, are we humans perhaps an accident of evolution, bearing in mind that many bugs live way beyond that of humans?  For example, a male tarantula with its minimal organs can survive for up to 36 years, yet this does not deter the admiration of the remarkable human anatomy.