Boosting the immune system might once have focused on eating buckets of
spinach, purchasing “miracle” capsules and partaking in yoga.

Science now has an approach to preventative health, enhancing our physical
abilities to withstand threats and promote molecular wellness.

The thinking goes along with a boost of energy, in turn delaying the
deterioration related to ageing.

One could now find oneself in a treatment chamber with an infusion of
vitamins and minerals administered via a drip, improving one’s health
directly through cellular levels which enhance molecular structure as
against relying on the digestive tract only for nutrients.

An analysis of one’s DNA will determine what foods will suit or distress
one’s genetic profile and the correct intake of nutrients will ensure that
the immune system will be more efficient.

Light energy via a laser beam is now a trend, this being directed to the
bloodstream affecting the chemical behaviour of our cells. Different colours
have different reactions. For example, red light reduces inflammation, green
increases the oxygen intake to cells, as blood takes about a minute to
circulate the body. Imagine the benefits of a 20 minute treatment !!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy has become a favourite, as pure oxygen lowers
inflammation, this however mild will damage cells and oxygen encourages
tissue repair.

Cryotherapy, involving super cold bursts of air, has been used for a number
of health issues. Administered facially, a gust of icy air reduces the
surface skin to 5 degrees Celsius stimulating the fibroblasts; the cells
that produce collagen.

Taking note of these various procedures, one can fine-tune one’s body to
perform at it’s very best with amazing results !

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