Billions are poured into the beauty industry every year and the advantages relating to self-image are huge, yet so much grief can result due to the pursuit of perfection.

To navigate the social universe, ones needs to know what others think of one and much depends on self image. The ability to intuit how people see us as individuals is a complex situation. ‘Meta-perceptions’ is a term regarding the ideas we have as to how others perceive us, which can be self ingratiating or highly inaccurate and lead to emotional turmoil to say the least !!

Evaluating oneself too critically can lead to failure regarding self-esteem. All humans have some unpleasant shades on the emotional palette. Hidden emotions like shame, envy and jealousy being quite predominant which are not indicative factors like voice, posture, dress and cosmetic adornment which influence the impressions one gives, albeit that below the surface a rather despicable, unlikable character could exist !

Regulating ones emotions also impacts on the impression given to others. Calming oneself in highly charged situations results in less judgemental attitudes.
Confidence building is important especially in the case of shy people who often convey an unflattering impression of themselves.
Alternatively, those who belong in the “bold and beautiful” category have many admirers who too desperately want to be recognised by celebrities !

It is interesting to note that those very people who strive for perfection can be in real danger of isolating themselves from society.
“little miss perfect” often attracts more negativity than the praise and recognition she so desires.
Sometimes living a life that is pleasing for those who do not give a damn about what others think or say are often labelled as “thick skinned individuals” because they have different priorities, fewer incidents of depression and suicidal attempts are reported .

Life is for living and good health and emotional stability far outweigh superficial desires, chasing after the pot at the end of the rainbow. An invigorating and calming way to sweep away the cobwebs of negative energy can be achieved by detoxifying in a sauna followed by a massage to restore what the Chinese medicine terms “chi“ the life force that binds all things in the universe.

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