The word phobia can mean many things but can generally be defined as a repeated involvement or engagement with rewarding stimuli. A phobia can also be described as an irrational fear or extreme aversion to a situation that one would avoid at all costs and about 300 phobias have been diagnosed.
If it is any compensation, it is human to be afraid of something and we darned well should be ! Fear is the armour against the world’s dangers and keeps one safe from threatening situations.

Generally speaking, phobias arise from a combination of events, external circumstances, heredity due to brain chemistry and life experiences that play a major role.
The symptoms can be frightening such as passing out, having irregular heartbeat, trembling and experiencing the onset of panic attacks.
Ironically most phobias are irrational and pose none or little danger.

Besides the obvious, such as fears of bugs, animals, flying, microbes and so on, science now lists social phobias being on the rise, one of the latest recognised, “nomophobia” ` a fear of being minus ones cell phone!! Other anxieties are exacerbated by being in a crowd, due to the fear of being judged, humiliated and embarrassed by others. Some teens admit that it is “creepy” to speak to people face to face. As phenomenal as what technology is, it is leading to social isolation, an unhealthy scenario.

Technological objects are omnipresent in and out of the classroom allowing one to avoid people, eroding self confidence and social skills.
However, interestingly virtual reality offers new hope in conquering fears & exposing people to their greatest terrors.

Today our media driven culture has to a degree exaggerated the desire for bodily perfection. Perceived imperfection is named Dysmorphic disorder. Persistent and intrusive pre-occupation occurs with slight defects imagined as massive. Ritualistic grooming, camouflaging areas , mirror gazing and in extreme cases multiple plastic surgery and dental procedures being carried out .

Today less-invasive procedures can a assist with imperfections . Collagen fillers correct sagging contours, ultra sound can tighten skin.

Unsightly surface veins can be treated in the surgeon’s rooms, skin resurfacing corrects post acne pitting and having ones own fat injected into flabby areas is on the rise.

Finally professional advice can be given by visiting a wellness centre with recommendations made to consult with ethical medical personnel.

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