Liquids for Life

Liquids for life

Many people now believe that water, not bread is the staff of life as without it no living organisms can survive for long.
This essential liquid plays a vital role in religion and belief, being used in prayer and in rituals.

In Animism, indigenous peoples have a great respect for water whereas in Hinduism all water is sacred due to its spiritually cleansing properties.

Buddhists honour water for its clarity, calmness and purity and living in harmony with the environment is tantamount to this belief.
The use of water In Christianity is central to baptism representing a new life in Christ.

Islam regards water as life and a gift from God and as such should not be bought or sold and prohibits a monopoly of this precious commodity.

Besides the intake of water one can “sip ones way” to a stronger immune system, better mental health and even reduce the risk of cancer with non- artificial drinks that are no longer uninspiring, there being some alluring ones mentioned below :

Low sodium tomato juice has one of the richest anti-oxidants; lycopene which is excellent to ward off cancer and cardio-vascular disease.

Green tea contains fluoride for teeth, reduces the risk of osteoporosis and relaxes blood vessels which guard against cardiac disease.

Cranberry juice well known with anti-bacterial properties, fights off urinary tract infections and has a component that prevents bacteria from sticking to ones gums.

Carrot and beetroot juice combined contain many minerals and vitamins for good health.

Pomegranate an old favourite which has made a come-back has the ability to purify the blood and has anti-aging properties.

Mint tea has the ability to ease cramps, combats stiffness and aches and known to ward off indigestion.

Apple cider vinegar was recognized during the time of Hippocrates, the father of medicine. This drink has the disadvantage of not
tasting as pleasant as others but has potent biological effects. It is used to heal and detoxify the body, reduces cholesterol, lowers blood pressure and is an excellent brew to counter acidity. Its murky appearance is the result of strands of protein and enzymes and
its many benefits are supported by science. The best cider should be purchased from health shops, not a supermarket.

With Christmas just around the corner and much culinary indulgence it is well to remember the purifying effects of these drinks. Should any readers not have a liquidiser a few hints may just bring forth a package under the tree !

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