Readers, you may well remember the saying “beauty is only skin deep.”

As it happens, this is not always the case. Many cultures display beauty outwardly and their inner love and compassion are often a priority.

With a vast variety of women worldwide, it is worth exploring the background of just a few, their perceptions of looks possibly in contrast to ours.


In this part of the world, one’s looks can in comparison to Western culture; be almost obsessive. Firstly the pure white, unblemished alabaster complexion is coveted here. Avoiding the sun is essential, and the traditional Japanese sunshade verifies this as exposing the skin to the sun is almost criminal!

Strangely, in contrast to the West where noses are “hacked” to be created small and pretty, a high bridged nose is sought after by many plastic surgeons ready to please a Japanese patient.

These surgeons or manipulators of the face, carry out multiple eyelid operations to create a double lid; another Japanese obsession, but curling of the eyelashes is a common home beauty routine.

On the whole, Japanese women have beautiful long legs, which many western tourists have observed while traveling through the countryside on a Bullet Train.

However, over and above looks,  generally, Japanese women have polite, quiet mannerisms which play a role in beauty and sought in society.


Some of the most beautiful women are to be seen in the Middle East, notwithstanding their inherent genes. Some mesmerizing  beauty routines are mentioned below `

Henna is used extensively for hair and to produce magnificent artwork on their skins, whereas Kohl is crucial to the blackening around the eyes.

Labneh, a type of yogurt cheese assists to soothe sunburn, olive and argan oil to prevent aging, and sea salt for exfoliation.

Honey combined with mashed figs acts as a face mask, and camel milk having lactic acid could have a tightening effect.


This country has had many occupiers and is therefore hard to define culture and beauty routines.  But, Ethiopia is known for beautiful women.

However, much exposure is given to the vast number of Vogue models with astounding beauty. These are not your normal “AF BABES”.

These gorgeous models are plentiful on YouTube. However, natural skin tones vary from melting caramel to dark chocolate and as for hair, relaxation is not obsessive.  In fact, many favour black locks and traditional Afros. Plump mouths and long feet are characteristic and there is a preference for gentle foundation,  less gaudy eyeshadow, and lack of artificial lashes.

Hopefully, we shall cross continents in the future to explore unknown beauties and their unique routines.