Some horrendous stories exist due to poor oral hygiene, which is unavoidable in  view of today’s expertise and yet some will plod on through a lifetime with the most ghastly canines !

Humans have only 2 sets of teeth, the outer enamel being the hardest part of the body, and the average time spent caring for adult teeth a mere 38,5 days per lifetime !  One’s teeth are as unique as one’s fingerprints and are the only structures that cannot repair themselves.

Electric toothbrushes are popular with some, but whatever type of brush, these will harbour thousands of microbes. The debris from brushing collects and therefore  it is essential to soak brushes in a good antiseptic liquid or wash and to have no qualms of ditching an old toothbrush !

Modern dentistry is phenomenal – in much earlier times the “fixer of teeth” would have been the local blacksmith or barber !

Now in chic updated rooms, root canal treatment, insertion of crowns and bridges, tooth whitening and more is carried out with great precision. The dental technician wears magnified dental glasses allowing for larger views of the patient’s mouth. Gone is the hand mirror for the patients viewing as magnified images are observed on a computer monitor next to the dental chair.

Your dentist will have visuals of nasal sinuses, bone and nerves and air abrasion methods to replace that ghastly drill.

In conclusion, the patient will have an online dental calendar in order to observe recommendations and not neglect future appointments.

The “nurse” of former days in her white uniform will no longer call you stating  “we have not seen you for some time” !!