Once upon a time, especially in Hollywood, high-earning actresses and other affluent women and men for that matter wore magnificent diamond jewelry. Today, the demand for diamonds has dropped significantly as crystals are now in demand.

In ancient times, due to junks of rock coming from outer space and being under great pressure on earth (plus being combined with minerals) – this has resulted in diverse colours like opals, jade, emeralds, and many more semi-precious stones.

Whether one feels the need for some spiritual healing, it is unlikely that “crystal healing” is passé. Crystals are works of art when sculptured into shapes and forms, be they a mantlepiece treasure or an item of jewelry like a brooch or ring. Differing vibrational rates form energy and it is this energy that humans find so intriguing and why health is now associated with just a few of the stones mentioned below –

  • Rose quartz is said to have been used in skin rituals centuries ago,  reducing low self-esteem, stimulating the skin, and plays a role in lymph drainage.
  • Amethysts can reduce stress and anxiety whereas  Aquamarine is associated with calm ocean waters and can reduce stress.
  • Jade has been known for centuries to bring good luck and fans swear that it arouses good fortune.
  • Moon stones are in line with feminine energy and with use are said to delay the aging process.
  • A favourite with collectors is Azurite-malachite with the greens and blues; reminders of earth and water.

Well, readers may be impressed up to this point, but question what this may on an everyday level relate to health and beauty?

Many of these precious stones have now been moulded down to form facial rollers to glide across the skin surface releasing their physical and spiritual energy.

The sheer magic of using these items relates to the miracle of how they were formed millions of years ago allowing for the penetration of their energy today!

The industry is now in an era with exciting innovations on the horizon.