Mankind – a destructive element

Sadly, Homo sapiens have consistently ignored all warnings and continued ruthlessly to destroy the planet.

Huge areas of vegetation and forestation having been destroyed, leaving swaths of barren land or mechanisms set in place for man’s advantage, resulting in degradation of the ecosystem.

Pollution and over-population have caused global warming and even ocean acidification due to chemical pollutants. Our planet is at its hottest ever, due to this incarceration.

The tragic burning of fossil fuels to create electricity for humans, power for cars, airplanes, and industrial activities continues despite the united nations and other “green organizations” warnings.

The greed in affluent countries does not subside and rich western countries siphon off the earth’s resources with little shame. So frequently the poor undernourished countries are made to carry the burden of guilt as a result of limited education and bad governance.

No country has the right to dump unwanted goods onto others, be this pre-arranged or not, bearing in mind that many criminal syndicates are involved.  Massive bales of used clothes are “donated” to western African regions, half of which are unsold ending up in rubbish dumps.

Civilization has lost 83% of wild animals, half of the planet’s plants, whilst commercial farming of cattle is on the rise as global meat consumption is on the increase.

We are living in a throw-away society, the eyesore of mountains of plastic verifying this. However of late, it has been recognized that this commodity is not quite as evil as thought as it can be re-used in manufacturing and if not adhered to in some countries, penalties will be instigated.

In conclusion, we are all part of the whole, and our communication and efforts carry much weight – there is no other way in which to save what should be deemed precious.