To give definition to this phrase, the process is to re-energize tissues, repair or restore organs in question; unlocking huge opportunities for ones wellbeing, especially in the aging organism.

Due to age, together with disease, damage or trauma, tissues can decline in function. The immediate response of the immune system is to make use of stem cells found in fat (that which many would rather not have!) and in bone marrow and the blood.

With the passing of time, tissues age and one becomes vulnerable to disease, and appearance unfortunately changes. But now fat cells [adipose tissue]can be utilized for the face and body.

From an external view point, improvements are at hand, such as rejuvenation of skin with acne scars, stretch marks, pigmentation, “bags” beneath the eyes and the restoration of skin elasticity. This is most encouraging news, as fillers from the past were mainly of a temporary nature.

Contrary to “Cryo preservation”, the method of freezing the entire body to be resuscitated at a later stage, specific fat cells can now be utilized.
In the area of regeneration when organs are significantly damaged- their functioning is reduced. Certain medical practices can now harvest fat which is sent to a world class laboratory where stem cells are extracted and multiplied then frozen at -190 degrees Celsius until required. Modification of diseases for better health includes diabetes, arthritis, heart and vascular diseases and damage through ulceration.

In terms of beauty, the current aesthetics trend is towards a softer look as against the Barbie Doll image of earlier times. Current appearances should rather reveal class, subtlety and sophistication as against the obvious. Radical changes for the mature person having a more youthful face is bizarre when the neckline below is “crinkled and creased”!

Gone are the days when whispering took place at dinner parties with surreptitious questioning for a good plastic surgeon!

Finally, regarding younger people both male and female; early skin care is an investment in ones looks, bearing in mind that the neck is an extension of the face not to be ignored and it is the hands that always reveal age!

Taking care of oneself is imperative & MatsiMela encourages you to do just this. Be well!

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