Living in the tropics may seem appealing but comes with many issues especially skin complaints, this to be discussed at a later stage.
However, humans are essentially tropical creatures and not well equipped to deal with even mild cold according to some anthropologists.

Living as sheltered as possible and wearing suitable clothing is a good start but excludes routines as bothersome activities to some in order to maintain skin, hair and nails in the best condition.

As Matsimela is essentially a beauty site, it is a pleasure to emphasize the importance of areas of the body most affected by Winter.
Exposure to cold causes a reduction of blood to the skin so that the bodies core such as internal organs have greater protection.
When surface skin is drastically affected and lack of cell generation occurs in the extremities, cells die off resulting in frostbite.

Shivering is an interesting action to maintain homeostasis. Skeletal muscles tighten and loosen quite rapidly causing the body to tremble , these movements arousing warmth and energy. However, nerve cells that transmit impulses work slower thus the clumsiness of fingers when attempting to button up an outfit !

In the realm of beautification and maintenance ` skin, hair and nails need much care during the Winter season.

Regarding SKIN it is essential to rethink routine.
Exfoliating about once a week will slough off dry, flaky cells leaving a soft glowing complexion.
Obviously moisturising cannot be neglected and the addition of a humidifier in homes will prevent chapping. Though heaters serve their purpose, drastic dehydration of skin can occur.

Balms with a thicker consistency than lotions create a barrier to the environment. Those, including lipsticks with Shea butter are highly recommended .
Some particularly dedicated people have been known to massage a foot and heel balm into cuticles after use; socks on & hands under the duvet this makes good sense for absorption.

Makeup too plays a role in climatic change and it is best to ditch the powder based items for those with a creamier consistency.
For many the use of sun blockers is unheard of during Winter. Cold weather in no ways indicates that rays are less penetrating. In fact with less humidity skin is more vulnerable to the exposure to UV rays.

NAILS hate the cold as average moisture being around 18% will be lacking, resulting in dry, brittle and split nails. Polish remover with acetone, alcohol based hand sanitizers and dish washing liquids are enemies to nails. In fact clients should take note of products with urea, a humectant that draws moisture from the atmosphere.

HAIR too is an issue. Lacking moisture it becomes lank, frizzy and perhaps “fly-away”.
Obviously good conditioning is essential and the experts say that less frequent washing is a plus.
As for colouring ` their advice is to lessen the urge to go blonde during Winter, especially platinum, awesome but best carried out in a new season.

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