A celebration takes place during the month of October each year, the purpose being to create awareness of the coastal environment and the importance of conservation and sustainability of their resources. The Environmental and Tourism departments are the lead drivers.

The South African oceans and coasts are in line with global heritage and should be a source of natural pride. Sadly disrespect has resulted in dire consequences and education at all levels is vital to ensuring the preservation of marine eco-systems. Humans have huge impact due to pollution and over fishing by the introduction of alien species, outlet of sewerage, plastics and oil from boating and other mechanical items.

Our land territory has, unlike many countries, a massive ocean environment and is a big player in regulating temperatures. Understanding oceans around the world gives clues to understanding extreme weather and climatic events.

This year’s focus is on plankton and it is often the small things that count. These micro organisms have provided scientific evidence of ancient life on earth. Plankton is hugely disregarded, it being the core of marine food webs. These minute organisms are found in the surface waters of seas, lakes and rivers which drift with the currents providing a crucial source of food to aquatic animals.

Whilst on the topic of water, one would not imagine that desalination could disturb the balance of the ocean, after all when severe drought exists the process should be advantageous to humans, animals and agriculture.

A very vital question has arisen as to whether desalination can counter drought. It is significant that drought is largely a phenomenon of nature, whereas desalination a human action. This requires very high levels of energy and there is no discrimination regarding water sucked from the ocean thereby killing great numbers of sea creature in the process.

After treatment, the brine water becomes dense having high levels of salt. When dumped back into the ocean it readily sinks, upsetting the oceans PH resulting in the death of many marine creatures.

Hopefully this weeks article will encourage awareness and that many will add clout by making intelligent choices to save our precious oceans.

Matsimela Home Spa strives to make a difference to the environment. We have a continuous program where we encourage our customers to bring their used tubs into stores and they receive a 15% discount. Reduce, Reuse, Recycle. We are also proud to be associated with Miss Earth South Africa.

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