The Nose is a perfumery expert trained for seven years in the concepts of fragrance aesthetics; there being 7 labelled olfactory families.

The knowledge ensures expertise in many areas,  the expert is even able to distinguish the mix of fragrances within one perfume be they a combination of woody, floral spicey,  citrus of fruity.

The strengths of fragrances are presented and labelled as undiluted perfume the strongest, to Eau-de-cologne, Eau-de toilette and at times included in a waxy base known as a pomade.

Fragrances originate from flowers, fruits, herbs, woods, animals or synthetically manufactured.

Perfumes have the amazing ability to enhance memories of places, people, experiences and events that actually transport one back in time !!

Most qualified perfumers are employed within large fragrance corporations. A newcomer may be tested, being given a brief for the desired outcome of say, a new fragrance, how it will smell and evoke emotions.

Essential is not only the luxurious aroma from perfume worn on the skin, but that which lures customers to a shampoo, the smell of deodorants, automobile interiors, room atomizers and skin products within a highly competitive industry.

Qualified persons are frequently employed in the food industry so that products can be presented from bland to fragrant such as ginger tea, Vanilla cake or spicey muffins !

In conclusion there is a realization that we live within the wonders of fragrance & how complex this world in actual fact is.