AI is fundamental to driving many industries in the future which also allows for massive purchases online; certainly, time-saving in a world where time is fleeting.

Though mankind has generally feared the rise of machines, compromising his or her talents, this has proven to be the opposite. AI is now empowering the 4th industrial revolution!

AI will change the fashion industry by recognizing customers’ height, weight, and overall body shape. Sales reveal that on average 40% of online clothing purchases are returned and thousands of garments, however, manufactured end up on rubbish heaps, an eyesore, and detrimental to the planet.

Because of masses of shades in the beauty industry, consumers can in the future use digital scanners experimenting with colours in lipsticks, eyeshadows, etc, transferring these digitally to the body, resulting in satisfactory choices.  In real terms, this could be compared to the masses of colour swatches from which one has to purchase the right shade of paint.

Beauty therapists who carry out body massages could in the future be replaced by robots. The world’s first AI massage “chair” named Alice, recognizes 17 different commands and has an ionizer to purify surrounding odours.

In a number of  European outlets, AI-assisted robots paint 10 nails in just 10 minutes  The client sits in front of a pink robot while an automated arm recalls a printer with colour, a nozzle then moving in tiny clockwise circles on the nail. This is a perfect solution for the businesswoman, but thousands of others will far prefer their leisurely monthly visit to a regular nail salon; for many a pleasurable outing away from dreary chores.

For readers who dread the outcome of AI, it will filter in as do all other new innovations. One only has to look back around ten years and realize how we adapted to may then have been “the in thing”.