Oxfam is a worldwide charity – whose mission is to fight poverty, hunger, and disease.  It is a global movement to decrease inequality around the world and care for those when human rights no longer exist.   Oxfam is instrumental in giving a child a book, clothing, and food to the needy and never-ending assistance to those in need.

Major attempts are made to free those whose lives are overcome by violence, where conflicts and disasters exist, and where refugees have little help in countries like Syria, Yemen,  Bangladesh, Ethiopia, Somalia, and more, where severe hunger and inequality exist.

Oxfam has a mission to assist the global community where appalling conditions never cease.

One of the first ventures was after “the great war” having a total of something like 20,000 second-hand books plus clothing to countries with naval blockades. 

The throw-away society in which we live is putting enormous pressure on the planet.

Just to clarify ` it is not unknown for 13 million items of clothing end up in landfills. Yet the clothing saved by charities in one year weighs as much as the Eifel Tower!

The world can be extremely grateful for some of the good Samaritans such as the famous Indian musician Ravi Shanker, the Sitar maestro who together with The Beatles George Harrison,  in August 1971, took the stage at Madison Square Gardens. This is in support of 10 million Pakistani refugees who fled the border to India having no idea how they would survive.

In conclusion, when the wealth and celebrity of some come forward, so should we who live luxuriously in comparison to millions and come forward to assist.