When the word ‘beauty’ crops up, many associates it with a woman being endowed with good looks. Other words are associated too like gorgeous, alluring, delightful, and ravishing!

Compliments boost the ego, but properties that give pleasure to the mind are short-lived.

There are however more important characteristics that exhibit how genuine one is, not mimicking others to be someone else, having a deeper sense of morality, and interest beyond the borders of looks.

With no self-consciousness, the grandeur of nature endures the ever-changing clouds, the short life of a rainbow, the magnificence of a “blood” moon totally unaware of human angst; the stress that often destroys one.

Quite phenomenal is the never-ending “Spoondrift” the fast and disappearing spray that comes off the crest of a wave with no knowledge of its activities.

In the wild; a vast tapestry – the magnificence of a peacock tail, the colour changes of a chameleon, the lace moth with transparent wings, the camel with double eyelashes, quirks of nature like the lethargic sloth, the Komondor dog with white dreadlocks, fish with transparent blood, dancing fawns and thousands of others unaware of their peculiarities, whilst humans are ever aware of appearance and eager for change striving for more and more. This greed for more and perhaps dissatisfaction with the outcome does not exist in nature – it is what it is!

It is well worth discussing rocks, which might seem dull and ordinary, yet from some that are mined, we get emeralds, turquoise, and tourmaline to mention a few, beauty seen in different forms of jewelry. In conclusion, the planet has been ravaged by climate change and by humans.  Perhaps it is high time to concentrate less on self, but on that beauty that might be forever lost.