ACNE COSMETICA is a mild type of comedonal  acne from the excess  use of cosmetics, mostly seen on the face and neck.

The application of makeup is not only the transformation of appearance that occurs, but good brands can also give certain protection from the environment, solar radiation especially.

Unfortunately, that stunning makeup palette that one purchases has some hidden dangers and therefore the expiry date should be noted.

Bacteria can multiply once a product is opened and textures too be affected.

Foundation ingredients can separate with oil rising to the top.  The use of this will no doubt cause clogging of pores and it is time to throw it out.

It is incredibly easy for these unseen bacteria to cling onto wands,  brushes and sponges, more so in humid clmates.

Regarding mascara, readers will be surprised that the damp wand can have a host of bacteria dangerous to the eyes, and a strange smell is sure a sign to toss it out.

The experts reckon every 3 months is a safety method.

Trends in eyebrows are big news, but can lead one into dangerous territory !!

Anything goes; straight, feathery, skinny or out of line to arouse attention !

Dry powder items like compacts and blusher can last for several years, but the sponges can accommodate a host of “nasties” so should regularly be washed.

Lipstick is probably one of the most loved within the facial range. These contain wax, oils and pigment. When to toss it out is a simple solution – when it has an unpleasant odour, the wax has deteriorated.

Getting away from the normal, an enormous lot of fun and choices arise from “placement”.

Tattoos, an incredible range online with designs pretty like flowers, creepy such as reptiles and insects, vintage such as the Victorian era and many more …

Not only are the above inventive and fun but should not have any bacterial issues if placed on as per the manufacturer’s instructions,

In conclusion, makeup is enticing and fun providing that the hygienic side is adhered to.