Sound familiar?  

You are off-colour, grumpy, and having a bad day. Your hormones are not necessarily in trouble.

It is the inner and outer aspects of life that are the culprits. Generally speaking, these different hormones are in fact chemicals from different glands that travel through the bloodstream. These physiological actions are normal, but we humans can have relief from dopamine; neurotransmitters that arouse a pleasurable feeling as do seratonins that assist mood, memory and can be boosted by UV rays.

A pleasurable time is boosted by sunlight.

Solar radiation may prompt a shift in neurotransmitter levels. A moody episode may result in those with bipolar disorder.

High pollen counts can alter brain activity and how bizarre, that suicide rates are more prevalent in spring and early summer.

People who are prone to hysteria may be traumatized by an earth tremor, at once arousing a mental picture of an earthquake!

How did the ancients view quakes and such? Some believed in evil spirits and deities later transferred to a number of selected Gods.

Primitive nations adhere firmly to beliefs, and these have much control over daily lifestyles.

In conclusion, the African continent has limited seismic activity, a blessing for many as poverty, political upheavals, and diseases prevail.