‘Consciousness can be the ability to increase an infinite depth’ was quoted by the 14th Dalai Lama.

It exists in every level of nature, based on living things; from the point of view that all of nature is alive.

From the human point of view,  dreams within sleep are thought to be a lower consciousness with no perception of self. In medical terms, lack thereof is named a coma.

What we might term normal consciousness, can nurtured by learning, language and technology.

This in animals is often a state of awareness, note of exterior activity, an immediate response for self-protection.

Primates, our so-called cousins are offensive to some ! However, their rapid awareness cannot be ignored.

Interestingly,  spiders, bees, birds, cetaceans, and many others have forms of alertness.

At some time regarding primary consciousness, scientists propose that during the divergence of reptile’s ` changes were significant.

Returning to higher consciousness, transcending higher levels has become socially experimental.  With the use of alcohol, heroine, magic mushrooms and marijuana; some concoctions can have grievous results.

If used incorrectly and not under the right supervision, these psychoactive aphrodisiacs can cause multiple grief to users, families and mental stability.

Returning to the human aspect, many will have the desire to acquire higher consciousness, but much dedication is needed.

Yoga , meditation and silence could all contribute. Enlightenment is not a “quick fix“ like the worldly enchantment one may experience when arriving at an exotic destination.

Some are of the impression that a few dedicated lessons and concentration will bring success.

A good example is the case of a young person positive and eager who after about a year of practice declared with much distress to her guru “Nothing has changed, I am the same person.”  

With a chuckle having had this response many times he replied, “my dear, do not discharge your emotional service, the spiritual master will guide you on “ !