Dear readers,

The content does focus on political issues, as never in our time has migration been so mind-boggling.  The outcome is daunting for so-called ‘host countries’ and those with high expectations of a better life.

Accommodation is under huge pressure, risk and spread of diseases exist, and instability is aroused amidst “stable nations”.

As far back as 2015,  the count was in the region of 1,35 million people on the move.

Malaria, tuberculosis, and sexual diseases are just a few that health workers are battling to contain.

Countries like the USA have already opposed any movements in a northern direction stating, “Where they arrived, there they will remain”.

Obviously, the Mexican borders have created a nightmare for Southern residents, but migrants are now sleeping as far as the streets of New York.

The French occupation, over centuries in many African countries, is now totally undesirable to the locals, causing turmoil and havoc.  All of which will lead to instability, human migrations, and political conflicts.

Besides migrants causing havoc, they themselves are highly traumatized, with much mercy from beyond, regarding the traumatic experiences of little children.

Probably the most dangerous journey commences in the Panama Canal region. Migrants attempt the treacherous “Darian Gap” to reach Colombia in North America as a start.

Migrants die from animal attacks, wounds, and fungal diseases.

In conclusion, assimilation of migrants into a host country can be a very lengthy process. From a citizen’s point, it is very much a “wait and see” scenario.

Amongst the hope, is the heart-breaking tragedy of the people smugglers who shattered their dreams and left them bankrupt unable to pursue a better life from whence they came.

I think this compassion is vital to their trauma.