The world’s first known diet occurred around 1060AD when William the Conqueror, due to his obesity, had issues getting on and off his horse!

Later, the ancient early Greeks and Romans were exceptionally “bodily and mentally aware“. 

Fat was considered not only unattractive but also compromised appearance and mentality.

The fit and wealthy spent up to eight hours in a gym, perhaps in tune with some of our fanatics today.

During and after World War II, food was rationed obviously leading to thinner bodies.

Women were more active in the fifties and sixties; they had no sedentary jobs. They walked, did not drive much and apparently burned about 1000 calories a day.

However, popularity was gained with the use of the vibrating belt, dancing, the hula hoop, which supposedly ensured a small waist, and calisthenics ` a forerunner to aerobics.

But by the 1990s, supermarkets were great suppliers of food, life was more exuberant, and time-dominated lifestyles.

Thus, the arrival of a greater number of fast foods with higher calories and a mind-boggling array of home equipment to “sculpt “ the body with names like “the total crunch, “the scalator”, the “Trojan treadmill“ and a host of others!

Should those want to go a step further, EMS has arrived for electro-muscle-stimulation. The input comes from adhesive electrodes to build muscle and minimize fat.

But the latter are nothing in comparison with GLP-1, weight loss injections for billionaires and celebrities [and do not be distressed], everyday consumers too with real-time progress with a clinical goal of 15% body weight loss per year.

Apparently, there are an affordable number of packages, one merely has to research suppliers!