I think one can safely say, that for a number of reasons, that memory is invaluable to mankind. Recurring happy memories tend to dull life’s more stressful issues. They too can warn one of the previous events, problematic actions, acting as a red light, or observing signs like “do not enter”!

We are well aware of memories, but how then are they created? The answer lies in the fact that the brain is alive with activity and different groups of neurons are responsible for thoughts and perceptions.

The real answer lies in the functioning and strength of the connection between neurons with the help of synapses. These connections can be made stronger or weaker.
If a strong connection persists between neurons, a better memory can result.

For example, if neuron A frequently activates B ` a strong connection is made. Frequently queried is why some old memories good or bad crop up time and again? Well there you have it, it all depends on those connections.

The neural activities are so much part and parcel of whom we are and make up the continuity of childhood and later memories.
Our memory banks are replenished continually, and what is occurring now in these difficult times experiencing the Covid19 virus will make a major impact. However, we can be reminded that memories of previous epidemics like SARS and others may have faded somewhat by now.

Finally, some facts that are interesting `

Scientific research reveals that memories can commence in the womb, that childhood memories are not remembered during childhood, sounds are not particularly memorable, and that one can remember one’s first day at nursery school but have no idea where to find one’s keys!

Walking through a doorway can cause memory confusion and the peak age for facial recognition is between 30 – 34 years of age.

Finally, it has happened to all of us, bumping into a person and feeling awkward one announces “I know your face, have we met before”?
At times like this, we can curse memory!

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