This week’s content will commence with physical stress, particularly on one’s skin.

Considering skins 300 million year evolution, this fragile layer in many ways makes us who we are. It is, after all the largest organ of the body, so little wonder the issues will crop up.

The Covid19 pandemic arouses not only emotional issues but skin upheavals too. For many years stress, climatic conditions and hormones are known to have effects on our complexions.
The earth’s changing seasons can be brutalizing. The excessive wind is drying and in order to counter the heat of summer, air conditioners tend to strip the atmosphere of moisture.

Presently, the pandemic has limited us from entry to familiar places like a skincare and beauty salon. Even eye-to-eye “over the counter” advice horribly compromises our confidence as a conversation with a mask is no joy. It is not surprising that skin breakouts like inflammation, acne, rosacea, and the onset of psoriasis are evident, the latter often stress related.

Chatting about beauty is a hugely bonding subject with women, which is also now limited. Working from home, we are faced with new challenges, unique problem-saving innovations and we are also likely to be within closer proximity to mirrors, resulting in greater criticism of self.
Out of the public arena, one could tend to have a care-free attitude regarding regular beauty routines.

However, some good advice from a psychologist should boost morale. Rule number one – stop being a “slob” ` get out of the too cozy slippers, put on make-up, even if minimal, and attend to one’s hair.
Commencing the day in this mode will boost confidence and inspiration.

As for rather dramatic changes due to the virus, under normal circumstances life is overloaded with issues, many of these having to be banked. Quieter times in fact allow for one to wipe one’s slate clean giving a sensation of relief and improving memory and concentration.

Loneliness is a state of mind and in fact not a lack of company, but rather a lack of purpose. In these times one can place chaos to rest and find inner peace.

In conclusion, albeit that the festivities are of an abnormal nature, the writer would like to wish all a peaceful and happy Christmas season!

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