In a highly competitive industry, no company can afford to stagnate. MATSIMELA is at the forefront backed by scientific research, introducing four new products to boost skin health and fight age related symptoms.

The saying “from the top of one’s head to the tip of one’s toes“ is truly significant when focusing on overall body health.
The parts of the body most vulnerable to the suns rays are the top of the head, the nose, shoulders, hands and feet, these being more protruding than the torso.
It is therefore imperative to protect these areas against the ravages of the suns rays which can cause cancer and aging.

It is generally known that the higher the SPF such as level 30, the greater protection offered.
Scientists now reveal that certain inclusions such as small-sized particles can result in UV rays being bounced off, or alternatively being physically absorbed via zinc oxide and titanium oxide.
The greatest culprits in degradation of collagen are aging, smoking, disease, vitamin deficiency and UV radiation.

The following is an overview of the MATSIMELA products recently launched; advantage having been taken of scientific research to manufacture these exciting new items.


The formulation of SERUMS is of importance as most exclude oils and have fewer thickening agents, are rather water-based with a high concentration of active ingredients, a few drops being super-efficient when applied.
ARCTIC KELP is an inclusion which assists in firming cell structure, delays photo aging processes and blocks an age-accelerating protein.
VITAMIN C a brilliant addition, promotes collagen production, is beneficial in treating hyper-pigmentation and candidates undergoing clinical tests revealed a 50% improvement in skin appearance.


Heels are often thought to be the most neglected area of the body. A visit to a podiatrist once or twice a year is greatly beneficial but nothing can be simpler that using Matsimelas heel balm in the comfort of your home.
One of the key ingredients is UREA, well known as it offers super hydration. When penetrating the skins upper layer, water absorption is enhanced and loose, scaly dead skin is easier to slough off. This action facilitates improved cellular turnover, thus softer moisturized heels.
Yet another valuable inclusion is SHEA BUTTER; rich in fats, a good anti-inflammatory and capable of reducing redness and itching.
PEPPERMINT OIL, one of the most versatile oils offers pain relief, is cooling and relaxes muscles.


AQUAXYL, perhaps not familiar, a new cosmetic ingredient having water-binding actions. An immediate hydration boost will guard against loss from the outer skin layers.
This will too assist in repairing the skin’s surface barrier and an improvement will be seen as fine lines become less visible.
VITAMIN E fights off free radicals, GLYCERINE assists in maintaining moisture balance and BROAD SPECTRUM UV ABSORBERS prevent chronic photo damage.
YLANG-YLANG OIL has not only nourishing properties, but its pleasant, pungent perfume uplifts one’s mood.


GLYCOLIC ACID often called the “holy grail” for exfoliation of dead cells is a vital ingredient for foot preparations. XYTILIYLGLUCOSIDE being a derivative of sugar cane breaks down the glue which holds together these unwanted cells that result in a horny, uncomfortable under-foot layer. It is also known to stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, enhances dermal water reserves and encourages the body to produce Hyaluronic acid a well known inclusion in popular cosmetic brands. The addition of TEA TREE OIL is essential having anti-fungal properties to treat athletes foot and nail fungus.

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