This week we take a break from beauty products and examine a debilitating emotion boredom which can leave one with a feeling of hopelessness and despair and can rob one of ones sense of purpose and direction. Instead of feeling the ecstasy of timelessness, one feels trapped in the slowness of time.
Alternatively, people whose daily lives are over burdened with commitments to breaking point will appreciate the saying that “boredom is a luxury”!

This emotion can be a result of having no aims, previous lack of success despite efforts made, an unrewarding situation being quite different from “taking ones time” or “taking it easy” a luxury in a frantic world.
A failure to find anything that might normally be of interest can result in channel surfing on the television, looking for inspiration on ones cell phone or simply moping around worsening the situation.

Boredom can result when time appears to be “out of sync” and one comes to the conclusion that life is futile and pointless.
The emotion of boredom can even strike fear when being committed to tackling an uninspiring task or worse being caught in boring company!

Strangely boredom is an affliction of the reasonably comfortable. Take for example those who suffer poverty and hungry, probably having endless time on their hands, but boredom will be the last thing on their minds.

Parents often complain of excessive loads placed on learners but educators today create very full time tables to remain connected to their pupils and touches of humour are essential in making those hours interesting and engaging.

It is interesting that boredom can even be aroused with leisure and sooner or later can spoil ones holiday. The comparison “of doing nothing” can become an irritation and this refreshment away from home can stimulate a desire to return to normal routines.

Boredom should not be confused with laziness. Those bored have a desire to have an experience when ones entire consciousness is involved, giving the ultimate satisfaction.
Finally, the lull of boredom can be used for contemplation, meditation, creative planning for the future to regain ones passion. As annoying as the internet can be, it is highly stimulating to the senses, taking one out of a bubble, arousing awareness in order to make positive contributions to our planet, or creating awareness of the many entrepreneurs and philanthropists who make a difference to humanity, never allowing the last trace of ones own creative energy to vanish.

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