Beauty trends in 2021

Considerable growth is expected in the industry going forward to 2023; this being expected by the top markets being China, Japan, India, USA, and Brazil.

Though make-up sales have decreased somewhat, skincare is on the rise due to the fear of early aging.

Exfoliates, serums, anti-aging creams, especially those being infused with CBD have become the buzzword in the industry.

Greater awareness now exists due to plant-based components and recycled packaging. Adding to this, there is focus on false labeling and irregular advertising in an attempt to block the sales of dubious manufactures.

As the Covid19 pandemic appears not to be subsiding, the closure of salons has aroused the sale of kits with sponges, wands, brushes, and make-up removal pads. Due to the latter, there has apparently been close to a 200% rise in sales.

With the upper half of the face more exposed, accentuated brows, additional mascara and eye shadow have become the norm, plus non smear lipstick!    

If the facial area has become somewhat drab, glamour goes upward with more emphasis on colourful streaks on the hair.

In some countries, subscription beauty boxes are the trend, including breathable masks and alcohol-free hand sanitizer where subscribers are being sent an array of products as per choice.

Where there is a need there will always be a solution, after all, “a gal” has to retain her glamour!