Managing just a few of common skin complaints

Treating skin problems at home is not always the answer, as unpleasant issues could result. However, there are some recommendations in this week’s content.

Upper arm loose skin

With age, this is generally an issue if one no longer attends the gym, with the guidance of correct instruction, so it is a tough one with much work involved. The following could assist, such as swimming, use of home weights, fillers, steroid injections, laser treatment, or arm lift surgery.

Post Acne pitting

This could be less stressful with the use of dermabrasion,  a type of resurfacing, steroid injections, chemical peels or soft tissue fillers. Certified salons and health centers are best considered or consulteding by a Dermatologist.


Redness is prevalent in this disorder, often in a butterfly pattern across the nose and cheeks.  It is flushing, blushing type of disorder said to be associated with auto-immune diseases.

In the case of men, an enlarged red nose is often apparent.


White patches that manifest on the skin are the signs perhaps due to traumatic incidents like burns and scars or sunburn. The melanin-producing cells are affected.


This complaint manifests as excessive hair and when affecting females, is seen as chin and upper lip hair, or the genitals too might be affected.

Waxing is a common process to remove the hair, best done in a salon. Few children have this complaint and the cause might be defective hormones.


In these cases, almost all skin pigment is lacking. This very white skin is prone to sunburn, eyes are extremely sensitive and should be protected from bright light.

Sadly, culturally many of these sufferers are tormented and marginalized, not that the mental faculties are always compromised.

The wolf children

These unfortunate beings have a defective gene causing this overall hairy situation. This is extreme Hypertrichosis and statistically, there are only about 50 in the world.

A gentle warning to readers regarding hydroquinone for skin lightening, as some products have been found to contain mercury.

It decreases the number of cells that gives one skin colour. If an urge arises to use this, it is best that a Dermatologist has verified the safety of the product.