Dear readers, in order for a change in content, and being in the midst of the Queen’s Jubilee, this week’s article will focus on the courtesy and superb manners required within the realm of “The Palace”.

Let us proceed in digesting a few rules of Royal etiquette.

Her Royal Highness ` The Queen

Always travels with a sachet of her own blood.  Every outfit and pair of shoes are numbered in her wardrobe. While traveling, open windows are not permitted. No money is carried in her bag or purse.

She dislikes ice cubes plus soup and potatoes but loves raspberries.  Seeds are removed from cucumbers and tomatoes, should they stick between her teeth.

She has a hook from which to hang her bag on a table rim when she is in the company. When her bag drops to the floor, it indicates she wishes to depart.

The queen dislikes beards but has tolerated that which Prince Harry has grown.

Black outfits are not allowed other than at times of death and funerals.

When seated, the crossing of the ankles is correct, not that of the legs.

A royal bouquet must include myrtle; being a sign of good luck. 

Christening is traditional regarding royal babies with the same cream coloured robe was worn by Queen Victoria in 1844, but the sex of the child is not publicized prior to the birth.

After the birth of royal children, masses of gifts are sent, some kept but many sent to charity.

One can sympathize with Megan the Duchess of Sussex, being chastised for not wearing pantyhose, having over the shoulder handbags, painting her nails with black varnish, wearing over the shoulder dresses, hugging her admirers, entering the royal vehicle before the Queen, Archie having been given only 2 names, secrecy regarding his grandparents and holding hands with Harry in public.

In closing, we can be grateful to be part of the common herd not being under a magnifier and being criticized for every minor fault.