Are invitations an old-fashioned way of approaching people?  Not at all, in fact, it is considered the best way of communicating when it comes to any number of events to get a needed response.

A response is actually considered a form of good etiquette, but there is more going on behind the scenes as some people are not wired to the action of an RSVP.

Some have trouble making a commitment, as at the back of their minds they might have this fear as to “who is coming”.

In their minds, is the “angst” of a clash with others, or that inferiority exists leading to a negative reply?

As we are living in an age of technology,  “i-vites” could be the way to answer, however, the names of others could appear on screen causing dissatisfaction; altered decisions.

Basically, it is grossly unfair not to reply as the host or hostess might be going through a lot of trouble and if names are allocated to certain places then sitting next to one’s worst enemy could be quite an issue, unless of course, the hostess enjoys some bizarre entertainment !!

Changing topics, it is interesting to note how many celebrations are held around the world, just a few being mentioned below with or minus invitations –

Rosh Hashana is important to the Jewish community,  Dewali to Indians, Ramadan and Eid to Muslims, New Year to The Chinese, Easter New Year to the Greeks, Independence day to Americans, and many around the world.

In conclusion, regarding invitations, one must use one’s savvy in order not to hurt others’ feelings.