An old phrase, probably familiar to readers and rather daunting in view of the fact that hair is often termed  ‘our crowning glory. Hardly the case when it starts thinning and what is its function on the head? The experts, Trichologists state, that hair assists in keeping the head warm and gives some cushioning to the brain. In addition, bald heads are vulnerable to UV radiation and possible sunburn.

Men of a young age, if losing hair often, shave it off completely or partially actually being the fashion these days.

Hormonally speaking PMB [male pattern baldness] appears to be occurring more frequently in younger men.

One could question underarm hair, a curse to many – this apparently can prevent friction on the skin of the inner arms while walking and running.  

Hair loss has become quite an issue these days and there are a number of causes such as hormonal changes, diet, stress, hereditary factors and possibly hair dyes.

A neurotic condition, termed Trichotillomania, actually exists whereby a person deliberately pulls hairs out of the follicles. Hair constantly pulled into tight ponytails is another form of stress leading to thinning hair as is constant plaiting that causes pressure on the scalp.

As for natural hair colour, red hair is the thickest due to a genetic mutation that both parents must carry and fewer than 2% of the population have this colour hair.

With regard to texture, it all comes to the shape of the strands, being straight, wavy or coily [no it is not a spelling mistake !!]

According to beauty experts, hair receives more attention than any other part of the body. It is coloured, permed, straightened, grown, cut, shaved and in desperation implanted!  

In conclusion, to keep the crowning glory looking superb, the stimulation of massage with hair oils containing aloe vera, rosemary and ginseng will assist plus an intake of iron often needed as lacking if vegetarian or vegan diets are followed.