Many challenges face one daily, and as nothing in life is stagnant, this could be the root of the problem, and living in a fast-changing world one needs coping skills and courage.

Thinking back to the arrival of the cell phone alone, was for some quite challenging, not knowing what was to come! Furthermore, the arrival of the corona virus has had an enormous influence on life in general and especially commerce.  How then, with not much of a view to immediate normality, should especially the smaller business owner react?

Realistically, the beauty industry is enormous but has survived past challenges. However, are cosmetics really more vital than putting food on the table?

Therefore, business owners have to revalue the outcomes of actions taken and the effects on staff to relieve tension.

The beauty industry is shifting continually, especially in view of a digital presence. It has been resilient in the past and can continue.

Stricter hygiene is on the rise, online shopping is increasing and events need not be dead. 

With correct emphasis on safety demonstrations and other, events can occur to stimulate business.

In view of less contact, gift cards and promotions are on the rise, online bargains and re-launches emphasised.

The team at Matsimela have you, our loyal customers in mind.  

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