Gone are the days when men would be wary to enter into what was considered the domain of women. Male grooming is set to explode yearly as the world is now more fluid, and ‘looking good is a new culture. The beauty industry is undergoing a major shift and men are hugely significant.

In South Africa, the perception of “the man” is changing rapidly. One might say that the reality of masculinity up to a point was measured in terms of undertaking dangerous activities; the absolute essential contact sport and the culture of rating a man as to his success in braaing!

It was no shame to have excess body hair or unkempt fingernails, in fact, it eluded pride in masculinity!
Depending on the occupation, such as within the external environment, men’s skin, on the whole, was rough and much tougher.

Statistics from the cosmetic industry now reveal a major shift has been observed in the use of moisturizers, the use of which is not too great a move into the realm of femininity !

From a cultural point of view, the image of the black executive now in big board rooms such as the South African banking sector, indicates too that the markets associated with grooming are across the spectrum.

Some of the facilities offered are now becoming not only more commonplace but even essential, such as day spas, nail bars, and make-up facilities for men, previously associated with women.

In next week’s blog, the writer will explore the facilities, the products, and an exciting shift regarding men’s and boy’s grooming.

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