How to get rid of dead skin

Dead skin is something that everyone has to deal with in some form or another. No matter what your skin type is, it is important to exfoliate the top dead layer of skin cells on a regular basis. Skin cells only live between 40 and 56 days. Did you know that somewhere between 30,000 and 40,000 skin cells die every minute allowing younger cells to replenish the surface of your skin. But the problems start when dead cells build up on your skin’s surface which can cause dull skin, pimples and even breakouts.

Exfoliating your body of old cells is the key to letting the lively ones underneath come to surface and shine, giving you healthier skin overall. You give your hair follicles more room to breathe, you keep your pores clear, your body smooth, and your complexion youthful and bright.

Aging is a major contributor to dead skin accumulation. As we grow older, our skin cells don’t regenerate as quickly, so it’s normal for dead cells to pile up.

Dry skin causes skin cells to die at a faster rate than normal. This means that if you have dry skin, there’s probably an excess amount of dead skin on your body’s surface. Skin conditions like psoriasis and eczema also make it easier for lifeless cells to collect on top of your skin.

The environment plays a role in how much dead skin collects on your body. This includes everything from the climate of the area where you live and the current season to the amount of time you spend in the sun.

So, how do you get rid of dead skin cells?

Scrubbing your body is straightforward. Get an exfoliation product such as a sugar scrub, scoop a little bit of it onto your palm of your hand (doing this while you shower is ideal), then massage each area. Do this once a week, or twice at most. It will leave your skin smooth and radiant.

Exfoliating your face needs a different approach as the skin on your face is sensitive. Rinse your skin with warm water. Gently lather your favorite cleanser (not soap!) onto your skin. Use your fingertips, and remember not to rub your skin too hard. Rinse your face clean with cool water. Scoop a little bit of exfoliator onto your hand and gently rub it over your skin for 2 – 3 minutes. This will also help get the blood circulation going. Rinse your face and use a soft towel to gently pat your skin dry. Lastly, moisturise your skin with a good quality product.

Don’t forget to include your feet in your beauty routine. Use a heel balm and overnight foot mask to smooth your feet overnight such as the new foot care range from Matsimela.

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