For many younger readers, this week’s content may seem quite humorous as it took time for women to become liberated. One of the reasons being that men were considered bigger, were placed in positions that required strength and of great significance, men went to war defending various nations.
Furthermore, the man held the purse strings in the marriage, and to this day, men are apparently more evident in the Corporate world especially in banking.

Eventually, strength in many arenas was not associated only with the male sex, ultimately due to the rise of the feminist movement.

Around 94 years ago, women could not vote and were expected to marry very young and bear offspring. There was a lack of oral contraception and women could be fired if pregnant. In addition, no law gave protection against sexual harassment and education was limited.

Thousands of women have contributed to the cause, three in particular as mentioned below were outstanding in their perseverance leading to emancipation.

The work of Simone di Beaviour a French intellectual and philosopher in 1949 wrote “The role of women in society” resulting in much liberation not earlier witnessed.

Malala Yousafzai, a young Pakistani girl, defied the radical Taliban who denied education, was shot in the head on a bus but survived to continue this outstanding fight.

Gloria Steinem during the 1970’s had a logo “to dream is to plan and then to perform” and in so doing, made social and political changes recognising the full humanity of women and men.

Thanks to this courage and perseverance, women today are successful in many areas.
To all the women on personal and business fronts who have achieved success in these trying times, we salute you!

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