There was a time when women were considered inferior in the workplace, as the patriarchal males achieved more success regardless of age or forthrightness.

Whether unity is the strength or not, males spend more time with their own sex than females.

Men to commence with, are capable of handling stressful and demanding labour, this upping their numbers as thousands work in foreign lands besides at home.

(Chimps by the way are not a proxy for our ancestors but do have more dominance!)

For many years, women felt this degradation, and so in 1920, the Suffragettes movement commenced,  initially to allow British women to vote.

Gloria Steinem was famous in the 1960’s fighting for women’s rights and persevered well into the age of 80 years old.

What then is preventative in voting?  Mainly age, countries at war, tribal conflicts, distance, lack of transport to voting stations, and sadly, lethargy.

Although political issues should not be prevalent here, the following persons can be honored historically:

Rosa Parks- an American black woman who refused to give up her seat in a tram for whites only.

Anne Franke boldly wrote the famous diary of the Holocaust.

Maya Angelou, a political activist wrote her memoir “Why the caged bird sings.”

Miriam Makeba, “Mama of Africa”.                                                                 

Preg Govender fought for females to become mathematicians.

Malala Yousafzai, education activist, was shot in the head but survived.

Although not glorified, we at home in South Africa have uncountable people who strive for progress in democracy and peace.