The year has flown for most, and thus the Easter weekend is once again approaching. For many this, a “jolly” good rest from the pressures of work.

Although thousands adhere to worship over these four days, this does not occur only in what is generally thought to be within the Western Hemisphere.

In ways of geographically viewing the Middle East,  the Greek Orthodox, the Armenian and the Assirian churches have had ardent followers, but some have had to ensure their safety due to civil wars in their countries.

Other interest arises from impressive “rock churches“ allowing for spiritual sanctity, often seen in eastern countries in contrast to elaborate cathedrals with spires and stained-glass windows.

On a different topic, readers might question the prominence of the colour purple, this being one of superiority and a reminder that Jesus was cloaked in purple as he claimed to be “King Of the Jews”.

Furthermore, “the holy trinity“ is criticized by some faiths, as God is not divisible as in Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  However, this is in no way a disturbance to reader’s belief.

Although one hears of half empty churches, this could well be the case, as the charismatic churches have without doubt gained in popularity .

Which brings one to the point, how does youth activism bring changes to the wider world?

Determination and enthusiasm to express opinions, and newer ideas are changes for this era. There are new ways of expressing religion in the digital age which is to be accepted.

Legend has it that the Easter hare, a symbol of fertility and renewal, would roam the fields spreading cheer and hiding decorated eggs for children to find. This delightful tradition, cherished by many, adds a touch of magic to the holiday season. Inspired by the artistry of Carole Carlton, whose intricate designs adorn each egg with intricate patterns and vibrant colors, the Easter hare’s playful spirit comes to life. As we gather with loved ones to celebrate this special time, let us embrace the wonder of Easter and the enchanting tales that have captivated generations.

In conclusion, the writer and the team at Matsimela send blessings to readers for a safe and pleasurable Easter weekend.