To arrive at any understanding, one has to clarify using basic terminology, the very processes of creation.

Some in liquid (fluid) form, others solid – as are tissue and organic structures.

Extending from that point, hormones like androgen and estrogens; chemical transporters will define the sex of the unborn, male or female.

Fibrinogen mainly binds the platelets found within blood vessels, and collagen is associated with tissues.

All of the above, are not suitably medically elaborated upon within this blog, but vitally important to understanding the role they play for expanding growth within the human body.

Going forward regarding maintaining the healthiest body possible, a study can be made securing the best treatments for a healthy body that performs as best possible to avoid early ageing.

A logical explanation could reveal wrinkled skin, hyper pigmentation, and possible hair loss.

Some supplements of value will be discussed below with every effort to revitalize the body at the earliest age possible, which will vary considerably.

Youth is not necessarily defined by age.  Lifestyle and hereditary factors play a large role.

However, some aging will cause crepey skin & other degenerative characteristics.

In terms of anti-ageing, some dermatologists swear by oils to lessen the process like –

Clary sage, pomegranate, ylang ylang, rosemary and sandalwood never used in a raw state but be blended with carrier oils like avocado, almond, grapeseed and coconut.

The finest method of application, is gentle tapping as against stroking to arrive at the deeper skin layers, not ever forgetting the neck. Downward strokes for lymphatic drainage, gentle upward for neck, with the head tilted slight backward.