The classical concept of human beauty could consist of an analysis of integral parts so that the coherent whole is pleasing to the eye and has properties like harmony, symmetry, and similar notions.

This is indeed an unlikely impossibility unless one considers the construction of the “Barbie Doll” sadly which many young children visualized as a model of perfection.

Within the realm of humanity, let us observe what is considered beautiful in just three countries in the world –

The Inuit previously often termed “ the Eskimos” rather insulting, translate beauty as goodness, morality, and truth rather than visual aesthetics. Men are admired for their success in hunting and having plentiful land, and women for their homely skills and child care.

They have a skincare range derived from Nunavik algae, having high concentrations of vitamin E. Living in harsh Polar regions excessive skin care is a priority.

Women in the Central African Republic have unbelievable skills with hair styling. Fifty trendings “cornrow” styles are available, these being translated to tight braiding on the scalp in artistic ways. In addition, crocheted long loose braids add to the beauty. As with women worldwide, eyebrows are etched on the brow and a variety of eye shadows are popular with paler gloss on the lips.

Lastly the inhabitants of Fiji; those glorious islands in the Pacific Ocean. Their backgrounds vary considerably, however, many are of Indian descent brought by the British in the 1800s as laborers.

Their energy and welcoming smiles and hospitality reflect their true beauty. The local folk has what is termed the “Bula spirit” ` a desire to be kind and generous and to benefit all.