Our planet is amazing in structural beauty and in regions that are unique, healing powers via natural unexplained phenomena have occurred.

Firstly, the most well-known LOURDES where a vision of the Virgin Mary appeared.  Phenomenal healing has apparently taken place, but sadly high expectations can leave hopefuls bitterly disappointed.

THE DEAD SEA has powerful properties like salt and minerals. Tourists and those with health issues such as psoriasis and arthritis are known to cover themselves in the rich mud and one’s body can be afloat due to the high salinity.  Sadly the dead sea is shrinking annually, and deep holes in the surroundings filled with water and salt are visible, but surrounding countries are a major issue drawing water non-stop to sustain life.

STONEHENGE is famous and mysterious due to its origins, and the possibility that its blue stone has a certain irradiating power.

MACHU PICHU in Peru – these ancient ruins appear to have strong energy and some visitors speak of visions appearing; a fascinating, mysterious place to visit with unexplained phenomena.

MEDJUGORJE in the Balkans area of Europe. In 1982 a group of young children envisaged a luminous woman clutching an infant; an apparition translated to the Virgin Mary and Jesus.

Subsequently, a statue was erected drawing thousands each year.

PERU- AYAHUASCA RETREATS have assisted many people, but the brews made in the Amazon jungle can have threatening psychological effects as one shift into other dimensions working with the Sharman. People with neuroses should reconsider such a journey which can be life-threatening. Many foolishly undertake this venture for  “the heightened” experience.

TABLE MOUNTAIN  – last but not least, our own magnificent geographical structure.

The Native Khoisan have always revered it as sacred, having healing powers and magnetic and spiritual energy. This is perhaps why walking and meditating on the mountain has become so popular.

Apparently, the late John Lennon visited the mountain twice for its qualities, becoming involved in spiritual matters.

If readers are interested, many companies offer tours to selected parts of the world or even our Drakensberg range where rocks and water have that special energy.