At present, we are all caught up in an enduring, unpleasant pandemic and according to the powers that be, we are forced to wear the most un-glamorous “garb” labeled face masks, albeit that weird and wonderful variety do exist!

This week, we will explore some possible physical and emotional outcomes that humans must endure.

According to the experts, masks do not give us a sense of security and can be traumatic for those overcome with anxiety and fear of suffocation, and even arouse memories of a mask being necessary for anesthesia.

Some unfortunate individuals may suffer fear and suffocation now due to previous traumatic incidents of being masked during rape, burglary, or car theft.

An overall analysis has shown, that the virus is more likely to spread in an indoor environment, having an accumulation of stale air than out of doors where the air is free moving.

Furthermore, a study in a variety of UK anesthetic departments revealed that a total of 98 patients and health workers required lung ventilation.

Regarding the facial area, anxiety and emotional states switch on a mechanism to stimulate sweat being increased when trapped under a mask. As for oil glands, the excreted sebum is broken down by bacteria resulting in an odor and an ideal breeding ground for issues like acne and candida a fungal infection when beneath a mask. If you develop breakouts from wearing a mask, you’re not alone. This condition, known as “maskne” (mask acne), is a common side effect. Remembering to wash your face regularly, use a gentle cleanser, and taking a break from makeup has shown to have some positive effects.

The nasal area too cannot be ignored. Sinusitis with a stuffy nose, fever, and cough could be experienced and one’s sense of smell being compromised.

In conclusion, one needs strength and patience to endure these difficult times, support for others until the medical profession conquers this life-threatening virus.