To commence, biological changes can differ but are typically classified in women as infancy, puberty, adolescence, when sexual maturation occurs, and maturation being the onset of aging. Finally the climacteric period, notably elderly years.

Skin generally commences aging between twenty-five and thirty years, which is an eye opener to be vigilant, and young people to take note thereof. Fairly early, collagen production lessens, and signs of changes in elasticity become apparent.

During one’s late thirties, fine lines could appear on the forehead and around the eyes and the famous love of sun tanning in the fifties and sixties was disastrous in promoting aging, broken capillaries, and what was termed “liver spots” – patches of pigmentation still seen today when sun block products are ignored.

During the forties, deeper “smile lines”  become apparent, and skin elasticity is affected.

After the age of fifty, women age faster than men due to the onset of menopause, causing a loss of the hormone estrogen, affecting collagen production strangely the nose and ears can lengthen, and the eyes appear smaller.

Around sixty years, bone structure can alter the appearance of the chin, and cheeks and lips can appear thinner.

What then are the solutions? Many fillers are available, Hyularonic acid in skin preparations is popular as are many other creams and lotions.

Home care is important; taking care to avoid very hot baths and showers, and carrying out gentle exfoliation as the skin can have decreased by two percent. According to some, moisturizers are best applied to damp skin with a gentle tapping method.

Today’s women and men are blessed in having a great number of choices to fight off old age.

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