Dear readers, it is not as simple as one thinks, so herewith are the different categories of those who wish to be correctly identified.

Transvestites can also be termed  ‘cross dressers’ an older term and are generally straight men wearing the garb to make a unique impression.  Interestingly, in some cultures, transvestism is practiced for religious, traditional, or ceremonial reasons.

Marked identification regarding sexual orientation is becoming commonplace in some prominent South African schools, giving principals & parents, with sometimes few choices, a nightmare as we do have a constitution!

In a community, Drag Kings and Queens will refer to persons who oppose their birthright and will dress accordingly.  They are generally not associated with the LGBTQ community but make an incredible impression.

Transsexual persons refuse to accept their sex assigned at birth, albeit that their sexual organs are totally relevant, and therefore turn to gender surgery and hormonal therapy for a sexual choice.

Transgender differs from the gender associated with the sex assigned at birth commonly termed ‘gay’ or ‘ lesbian’.  This is a very common form of making a statement publically with a certain element of pride!

Extremely rigid countries that criminalize sex change, particularly in the Middle East could consider the death penalty & would more than likely never waiver from this.

Gay rights around the world are changing, if not slowly, Vietnam observing its first Gay pride rally.

In conclusion, if you are still confused as am I, merely consider keeping in mind the letters LGBT standing for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender. As sensitivity could arise be vigilant of mis-labelling!