Readers might wonder as did I regarding the origins of this rather unusual phrase.
This is a metaphor that seems to resonate in the business world and to get to grips with this one has to shift ones thoughts way back in time to the realization that Notre Dame cathedral in Paris took 182 years to build and was a mental model of those whose dreams existed in their lifespan; a gift for future generations.

In simplistic terms, a rock pile ceases to be a rock pile the moment a single man contemplates it having the image of a cathedral.
Cathedral thinking is about risk taking, willingly adventuring forth although efforts may not come to fruitition. However decisions for the future will be built on these innovations and momentum is needed over several generations.

Short-termism [the concentration of short-term projects for immediate profit at the expense of long-term security] has intoxicated our workplace and major issues result in city planning, protection of the environment and fiscal policy as governmental attitudes lack long term goals that will benefit future generations.

Youthful minds are expanding and the call to mindfulness will evoke awareness in what is needed in the future.
Education needs a major overhaul with strategies to counter mundane day to day problems.
There is a noticeable shift in attitude regarding the “bright kids” who abhor the present system and parents are seeing a seismic shift as their offspring are weary of dreary wasted time. Rewarding education is now the buzz word and these youth are our future hope.

In many ways, we are still coming to terms with the earth orbiting around the sun and we need to play a role in something greater than ourselves. Just about every demand is in “the now” so we are trapped in the moment desperately needing blue prints for the future.

The critics, realistically will say that we are already living in an age of super tasking, having limited attention span, multiple screens, information overload , let alone producing something that will be of incredible value long after our demise.
I have to admit, they have a point !!

With Matsimela’s re-think of their entire marketing strategy ` they are taking a step back & focusing on the intrinsic beauty & functionality of their products thereby not taking the conventional marketing route of bombarding customers with an overhaul of information. But rather specifically categorising a niche range of products specific to the individual consumer.

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