Generally speaking, a Jitter-bug refers to an over active individual, one who might even be termed “hyped”.
This could of course have implications on the lifestyle and health of the person and on those of others closely associated.

Medically speaking, the thyroid gland could play a role resulting in hyperthyroidism, remedied with particular drugs. However, much of this condition is caused by the stress of living, battling to get through a day with limited time, business worries, family issues and worse of all when technology plays up, literally putting a spanner in the works.
Any person in business needs nerves of steel and will know how hard it is to compromise with clients “chomping at the bit”.

Consider the time and money spent on rectifying ones computer with technical help not to mention when the television goes on the blink resulting in withdrawal symptoms and near heart failure !

Looking back in time, life was much simpler for mature people though tasks were of a laborious nature and little did they know the frustrations they would face when trying to cope with technology.
However, every era has its moments of stagnation and glory, but todays “Tech Fundis” will be blown away hearing of how business was sustained in the 1960,s

Right now we are all aware of the many advanced functions built into cell phones that facilitate easier living like the alarm clock, instant contacts, checking the weather, finding an address, taking a photo, messaging, getting a taxi, banking via an app, spelling check etc, etc and the list is endless.

During the 60’s and early 70’s one would phone the “met” office for the weather, getting an answer in English and Afrikaans as the 11 languages of South Africa were not yet in vogue! Another laborious task was to page through a doggy eared dictionary for spelling, cross off a grubby calendar for an appointments stuck on the fridge door with press-stick and have a camera slung across ones shoulder with a leather trap.
[Crime was still in its infancy]

To conclude “golden oldies” are still very confused so take care not to roar with laughter at their interpretation of the following :

Instagram – immediately put on weight
Blog – misspelt for bloke, a man
Selfie – selfish individual
Benchmark – oupa had an “oopsie”
Bitcoin – RSA junk status
Debug – fumigation overdue
Megabyte – dog on the loose
Hard Disc – vinyl record
Phishing – wrong spelling again
World-wide web – spider invasion
Attachment – bad marriage
Boot – come on, we are not stupid you know!

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